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Including: Police lobby for militarized drones in fear of armed drones, Cancer Vaccine, FOIA Reveals Feds Spied Heavily on Author of Behold A Pale Horse William Cooper, Exclusive Restaurant Seats 9, Chick Fila to give away ice cream to customers who don’t use their cell phone, Real Strange News: Paris has been investigating random Space Signals!


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Kristan T. Harris goes over topics including:

Facebook Monitors Your Emotions with New "Like" Emoji, America Gained 500 Million Pounds Last Year, Bill Would Require Reporting Of Non-Vaccinated Children, FBI Is Still Trying to Get Back Door Action From Apple, Justice Scalia belonged to Secret Society of Hunters, Same logo as Knights of Malta, Batman Robs Tourists for $50 Gets Arrested

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Kristan T. Harris presents your Daily Rundown Live of news headlines!

Including: City Replaces Mail Man with Autonomous Drones, Mobile World Congress, Majority of Canadians Don't Believe in Man Made Global Warming Yale/Montreal Study Finds, Li-Fi Internet that uses Light to Deliver Information, Nasa released Classified Videos - Apollo Astronauts heard Space Music on Dark Side of the Moon, Real Strange News: Lose Weight by Eating in the Dark Scientists Claim.

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On todays edition of the Daily Rundown Live Follow: The Rundown Live

Topics Include: Virtual Reality, Mobile World Congress, Star Wars Luke Skywalker Robotic Arm Coming Soon, South Dakota Prohibits Trans-Genders from Using Preferred Restrooms, Gas Hits 15 Cents a Gallon in Venezuela, Rapper 50 Cent Summoned to Bankruptcy Court Over Social Media Photo of Stacks of $100 Dollar Bills that Spell out Broke, 150,000 Penguins in Antarctica Die Because of Giant Ice Berg, Every Blood Cell is Different Study Says, Real Strange News : Space Fungus Attacks Space Station Plants.

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Kristan T. Harris goes over various topics including:

Apple Secret Test Facility, Police Captain Makes a Video Challenges and Taunts Gangster, Flying Cars by 2018, Scientists to search for ancient megaliths VIA Space, Black Tar falls From the Sky in Michigan Town covers vehicles and houses, Scientists prove Washington Home Haunted.

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Kristan T Harris on this mornings edition of the Daily Rundown Live goes over subjects including:

FBI orders back door system to access San Bernardino shooters phone, John McAfee offers to do it for free, weather modification in Idaho, Animal Human Hybrid coming soon, Real-life X-men, Is Donald Trump a 9/11 Truther?, Weird sound heard over Forest Grove, Former student arrested for not paying back $1,500 loan by US Marshals. 

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Kristan T. Harris on Wed February 17th goes over news including:

Sports analyst Brian Tuohy says NFL maybe rigging their own games, Twitter is censoring popular conservative posts, pirate drone army coming soon, fairy tales to teach robots morality, Bank expert calls for removal of $100 bill, Monopoly makes first cashless board game.

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Kristan T. Harris provides a daily Rundown Live in 3 Minutes of Morning News.


Including:Arrested For Late DVD Rental, Micro Brains,Fridge Spys on You, Brokered Convention, Town for Sale

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Throughout the 1990’s shortwave radio listeners were captivated by an animated voice. That voice belonged to former Naval Intelligence veteran, famous author and radio broadcaster, William Cooper. Cooper would warn us all of things to come in his broadcasts which aired 5 days a week.

Before the internet people had to find different ways to get information out. Nightly,  people would gather around their radio devices to tune in to the broadcasters presentation “Hour of the Time”.

On a broadcast on June, 28th of 2001 Bill Cooper would make the prediction that 9/11 would happen and Osama Bin Laden would be blamed.

Following the tragic events on 9-11-01, Bill’s broadcasts went on to explain the Federal Government’s foreknowledge & compliance of that fateful day.

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