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USAF training drone washes up on Florida beach, Smart Cities: Digital Prisons of The Great Reset, 'Smart clothes' that can measure your movements, Sky High Utility Bills or “Smart” Meters Wrecking Your Life?, STUDY: Chemical That Causes Penises To Shrink Found In Face Masks, What It Says When You Give Someone the Silent Treatment, William Shatner is boldly going where no man has gone before, NJ gym owner who defied restrictions offering free memberships for anti-COVID vaxxers, Nose-only COVID-19 masks , Forget Zoom. Microsoft Wants You To Chat With Holograms, CDC reports no patterns of vaccine deaths after more than 2,000 investigated claims, iden Admin Urges SCOTUS to Allow Cops to Warrantlessly Raid Homes, Seize Guns of Innocent Citizens


The Rundown Live #686 - Guns, Armed Robots, NFT Homes, Digital World, Kenosha

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