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Was president Donald Trump Digitally Assassinated during his presidency? 


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Author & former Television show host, Bruce "Zen" Benefiel joins the Rundown live to discus regenerative cities, synthetic biology, UFOlogy and more!

On this edition of the Rundown Live Kristan T. Harris discusses end of days propaganda, Aaron Rodgers, Ghostbusters 84, Apocalypse, global warming, tidal  wave torpedo, Joe Biden lack of support, the communist takeover of America. 

The man raided by police for takings selfies inside the capitol building and was arrested due to an IP address and bumble account, Robert Chapman calls into the Rundown Live during open lines.

He was given a trespassing ticket. 10's of thousands of taxpayer dollars, a intense police raid with over a dozen military dressed law enforcement and a 2 month investigation and all that was issued was a a trespassing ticket.

Robert calls in at 90 minutes!

The Rundown Live #706 - Jim Tucker, Mark Anderson, Bilderberg, Seth Rich

The Rundown Live #705 - Hollywood, Oscars, GMO Mosquito's, Microscopy Photos of Covid Swabs

The Rundown Live #704 - 8 Year Anniversary, Jason Bermas, Koerri Elijah, Dan Dicks, Julio Rausseo & More

Digital Authoritarianism, NBC Fake News, 007 Mailman

Today, on the Rundown Live Gary Wayne joins Kristan T. Harris to discuss giants! The world history is riddled with mysteries, folklore and mythology. Gary Wayne, author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Mankind, details the role of modern-day Nephilim in Satan’s plan to install the Antichrist at the End of Days. Gary Wayne is a Christian contrarian who has maintained a lifelong love affair with biblical prophecy, history and mythology. His extensive study has encompassed the Bible and Gnostic scriptures, the Qur’an, the Bhagavad Gita, Gilgamesh and other ancient epics, language etymology, and secret society publications.

Snopes Fact Checks Biden KKK picture says mostly false because Holding hands with a KKK leader is not same as Grand Wizard, China Launches New App Allowing Citizens to Report Others For Expressing “Mistaken Opinions”, Farmers Warn That A Megadrought In The Western U.S.

Snopes Fact Checks Biden KKK picture says mostly false because Holding hands with a KKK leader is not same as Grand Wizard, China Launches New App Allowing Citizens to Report Others For Expressing “Mistaken Opinions”, Farmers Warn That A Megadrought In The Western U.S.

The Rundown Live #700 - Roll-Up TVs, Invisible Computers, Fema Camps, Martial Law in America, Callers REX 84, Cyber Polygon, Warp Drive, Headlines and Openlines

Re-occurring History Channel guest Hugh Newman from Megalithomania and Ancient Aliens Joins the Rundown Live after headlines and latest breaking news to discuss his 5 month adventure into researching ancient structures across the globe!

Kristan T. Harris asks listeners How many pyramids are there in the world? The answer may raise your eyebrows. Who were these megalithomaniacs? We discuss American pyramids and why is the science community and governments obsessed with hiding and disproving their existence even when obvious? We also discuss Spider music, Klaus Schwab, UFO triangles and DMT.

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On this edition of the Rundown Live, Free Thought Project contributor Don Via, Jr joins Kristan T. Harris to discuss viking funerals, norse traditions, police state, Smedly Butler, Citizen credit scores, Minneapolis protests and more! 

Guests today Popeye (Federal Jack, Rabbit Hole Radio, Ed Delgado Caramel Conservative) as well as headlines. Baby blood and life extension, more people killed by knives than guns in America, Monkeys play pong with brain chip interface, mind control.

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On this episode Kristan T. Harris interviews conscious funk fusion rocker GHOSTY about a musicians life during the lock down era in the 3rd hour. We also cover, Voice of God Technology, Synthetic Biology, Synthetic Telepathy and take callers!

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We go down the Rabbit Hole discussing the Men in Black after a Whistle Blower recently came forward, Joseph Spencer, William Cooper Indictment confirms Spencer's claims.

Real Jurassic Park, Babies to be Grown in Artificial Womb, Elderly get curfew set by government, Artificial intelligence Nirvana, China mass robot army, Iron man suit and exo skeletons, callers and more!

On this episode of the Rundown Live Kristan gives an Easter Serman for those not able to go to church due to the plandemic and the Great Reset/UN Agenda 21. The Great Easter Conspiracy!

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On this episode Kristan T. Harris discusses Glow in the dark GMO pets, Animal Human Hybrids, Jab Passports as well as Crystals and healing powers! 

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KGRA celebrates their 9 year anniversary with giveaways and callers!

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On this broadcast we discuss the secret mysteries behind the elite and the Illuminati history diving into the Mystery Religion. What is the Mystery Schools? Who practices Mystery Religion? Find out on this riveting podcast!

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One of the worlds top philosophers and expert on occultism Jordan Maxwell joins Kristan T. Harris and the Rundown Live to discuss Easter, Symbols, Meaning in Words, the pandemic, Dr, Fauci, Soviet Communism, Rituals, ISisRAELohim. Manly Hall and much more. 


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Racist to be punctual and teach to much UW-Madison Says,Health-Care Workers Are Bragging on TikTok About Forging Vax Cards, 3D-printed neighborhood, The Truth About KFC's 3D-Printed 'Chicken', ‘Treating us like robots’: Amazon workers seek union, Classified US military war game set to take place as concerns about threats posed by China and Russia increase, San Francisco to give $1,000 a month to artists in basic income program, The ‘Green Energy’ That Might Be Ruining the Planet, A Private Tech City Opens for Business in Honduras, Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Therapists?

USAF training drone washes up on Florida beach, Smart Cities: Digital Prisons of The Great Reset, 'Smart clothes' that can measure your movements, Sky High Utility Bills or “Smart” Meters Wrecking Your Life?, STUDY: Chemical That Causes Penises To Shrink Found In Face Masks, What It Says When You Give Someone the Silent Treatment, William Shatner is boldly going where no man has gone before, NJ gym owner who defied restrictions offering free memberships for anti-COVID vaxxers, Nose-only COVID-19 masks , Forget Zoom. Microsoft Wants You To Chat With Holograms, CDC reports no patterns of vaccine deaths after more than 2,000 investigated claims, iden Admin Urges SCOTUS to Allow Cops to Warrantlessly Raid Homes, Seize Guns of Innocent Citizens


The Rundown Live #686 - Guns, Armed Robots, NFT Homes, Digital World, Kenosha

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Media Caught Coordinating Identical Mass Shooting Narratives for Different States, Swine Flu Hoax of 76, World's first digital NFT house sells for $500,000, Bayer won’t ask the Supreme Court to reverse Roundup cancer verdict,NFTs Enter Real Estate with Digital 'Mars House' Sold for $500,000, CDC ignores inquiry into increasing number of deaths, injuries reported after COVID vaccines, US has 'secret evidence of UFOs breaking sound barrier without a sonic boom and performing moves humans don't have the technology for', says Trump's Director of National Intelligence,US has 'secret evidence of UFOs breaking sound barrier without a sonic boom and performing moves humans don't have the technology for', says Trump's Director of National Intelligence, BOULDER massacre suspect Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is believed to have had “issues” with his family prior to his alleged killing spree, The Sun can reveal, Mainstream Media Exposed Coordinating Identical Mass Shooting Narratives for Different States
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Satanists sue for religious right to ritual abortion, SCIENTISTS CAN IMPLANT FALSE MEMORIES — AND REVERSE THEM, Suspect in Colorado grocery store shooting charged with 10 counts of murder, Krispy Kreme offering free doughnut for those who receive COVID-19 vaccination-Not the homeless, CDC initiative seeks to get more Americans access to fluoridated water,A mouse embryo has been grown in an artificial womb—humans could be next, Tech billionaire Tej Kohli says his children will live to at least 125 years old because of tiny robots, DNA reprogramming, and artificial blood, Bill Gates wants to spray CHEMTRAILS, millions of tonnes of CHALK into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight and slow global warming. Study shows water hundreds of feet below the surface of Lake Michigan is warming, ET Intel? Scientists Discover Clues to Emissions of Intergalactic Fast Radio Bursts, Study Says


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AI and robotic exoskeleton to make a self walking robotics exoskeleton,Autonomous Vehicles Will Automatically Stop For Police, Roll Down Windows And Unlock Doors, AI that scans a construction site can spot when things are falling behind, States tax some drivers by the mile, artificial intelligence predict whether someone will die from COVID, Company Tracks Car Locations In Real-Time Almost Anywhere In The World, Mars Has Much More Water Than Previously Known,Canada Launches Satellite Technology That Identifies ‘Dark Vessels’ Illegally Catching Billions of Fish HBO’s QAnon Docuseries ‘Q: Into the Storm’ Believes It Has Discovered Q’s Identity

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Beauty is in the brain: AI reads brain data, generates personally attractive images, These Scientists Just Completed a 3D ‘Google Earth’ for the Brain, Scientists unveil new rapid 3D organ printing method which is 10-50 times faster than current techniques, STARBUCKS DEMANDS WOMAN MASK UP AT DRIVE-THRU WHILE SITTING IN HER CAR. IT GETS DUMBER, Deep learning is going to be able to do everything,Creepy video of robot dog exploring SpaceX crash, Nikola Tesla Predicted that the Weather Could Be Controlled,Engineers Have Proposed The First Model For a Physically Possible Warp Drive, ‘Ethics’ Prof. Says Americans Will Take Vaccine In Exchange For Return Of Freedom, Harvard/Harris Poll: Americans More Concerned Over Summer Violence Than January 6 Riot,‘Alpha generation’ will have fewer artists, musicians — and digital devices may be to blame, Pastor tells women to look pretty or husbands will stray in sermon to Missouri church,The Robots Are Coming for Phil in Accounting

Fish on the Moon, DR Seuss Top Seller, Nanobots will live in our brains, Biological invisibility cloak
Human brains could be connected to the internet in 'next few decades,' scientists predict, The Plan to Rear Fish on the Moon,The self-silencing majority,Creepy video of robot dog exploring SpaceX crash site likened to apocalyptic scenes, Dangers await humans on Mars,Stellantis Starting 84-Hour Work Week At Ram Truck Plant
sand shortage? The world is running out of a crucial

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FBI Admits No Firearms Were Seized During Capitol ‘Insurrection,’ Only Shot Fired Was Cop Killing Ashli Babbitt, Kids now 10 times more likely to die from suicide than Covid-19, A Zombie Apocalypse Prediction For 2021? CDC Has A Preparedness Guide, Book Banning in an Age of Amazon, Military 3D Printing Drones, DNA Printers, Volcanic activity, eathquakes accross the globe,California Bill Would Fine Retailers That Keep Boys and Girls’ Toys and Clothing in Separate Sections, New York Tests Vaccine Passports At MSG Rangers Game, Police Departments Use “Citigraf” To Surveil Everyone, Even School Kids
CDC has Zombie Survival Guide, Proof of Vaccination, Book Banning
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‘Freedom Bracelet’ Tracking Device Launched As Alternative To Quarantine, Arizona Dept of Education Teaches Babies Are Racist, Amazon Redesigns Logo to Look Less Like Hitler after Complaints,The Future of Vision: Augmented reality contact lenses will make you bionic, 11 Million at Risk of Losing Their Homes Once COVID Protections Expire,‘Promising’ Alzheimer’s pill could stop disease in its tracks, human trials to start soon,Bengaluru: 27-year-old ‘dead’ man comes alive on postmortem, Have You Noticed Higher Gas Prices Lately?

Davos Disclosure, CFR, Bilderberg, Human Steak, Human Steak wins art award, Un Agenda 2030, individualism Vs collectivism.

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World's first space HOTEL to begin construction in low Earth orbit in 2025, 4 Must-Knows About Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, & Blockchain,Lab-grown wood could let us grow furniture in a lab instead of in a forest, MICROSOFT, 2016: “WE CAN PROGRAM COMPLEX BEHAVIORS USING DNA, Scientists begin building highly accurate digital twin of our planet, We Probably Are Living in a Multiverse, Quantum communication device could create limitless data capacity, Mr. Potato Head to Become “Gender Neutral,”An American Airlines pilot was baffled by what he saw and more!


FBI SEIZED CONGRESSIONAL CELLPHONE RECORDS RELATED TO CAPITOL ATTACK, A.I. tool brings dead relatives' photos to life, Biomimetic Eye,Scientists designing method to remove fear, boost confidence via brain stimulation,Solar cars: Driving on sunshine, Shockingly Real Tom Cruise Deepfakes Are Invading TikTok,Forged documents add another headache to COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Social media users who are desperate for likes 'have thinking patterns similar to lab RATS seeking food, Naked man carrying Bible shot outside Florida home, Zombies and more!

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Artificial Intelligence And The End Of Work, How Informed are Americans about Race and Policing? The Invisible Chains Of Lesser Magic, UK: Health Authorities Announce Not a Single Case of Flu Detected This Year, The Corporatization of AI is a Major Threat to Humanity

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NYTIMES begs you NOT to go down the Radbbit Hole, its for your safety, Black Churches to Spread Government Propaganda, Malcolm X's family releases letter alleging FBI, police role in his death, What Is Behind The U.S. Navy’s ‘UFO’ Fusion Energy Patent?Why Isn’t NASA Releasing RAW Images from Perseverance? Sex doll customers demanding models with human skeletons and animal hybrids,‘do not resuscitate’ notices given to Covid patients with learning disabilities,1st clone of US endangered species, a ferret, announced, What Ever Happened to Daniel Dale? CNN Fact-Checker Has Disappeared From Air Post-Trump,62 percent say a third political party is needed, latest nationwide survey says,COVID-19 detector dogs hunt coronavirus on college campus.



Marc D'Antonio has a degree in Astronomy and is the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) Chief Photo/Video Analyst , host of SkyTour Radio on KGRA, and host and creator of SkyTour LiveStream with Marc Dantonio on YouTube where people can go to watch live as  beautiful deep sky objects materialize before their eyes in mere seconds courtesy of the SkyTour LiveStream Remote Observatory and its research telescope.  Marc is the CEO of FX Models, a model making and visual/special effects company specializing in digital/physical models, and organic special effects in the film industry. He has an extensive work history in the Film and Television arena appearing regularly on a number of networks and television shows including "NASA's Unexplained Files" on the Discovery Channel, "What On Earth!" on the Science Channel, “In Search Of” hosted by Zachary Quinto, Contact, on Discovery, and a variety of other shows. He is characterized as the Voice of Science Reason yet fully expects alien intelligence is out there and possibly even here visiting us at the Earth. His efforts creating the Aerial Anomaly Detection System (formerly called UFOTOG2), a remote system to detect advanced propulsion at play in our local universe with Academy Award winner Douglas Trumbull promises to bring ufology into the 21st Century. If extraterrestrial intelligence has managed to ply the vast gulf between the stars and reach us, then science should be able to tell us so. Such results will back up the stories we so often hear from those who have

Local CSPOA sheriff's to take stand against Covid-19 lock downs, passports to go to pubs, UN Agenda 21, Big Freeze, Biblical Prophecy Guests: Mark Anderson-Bilderberg Reporter & Ron Avery of MixNStream

$therundownlive call in lines available

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Artificial Intelligence to Allow Humans to Speak to Animals, Brain Chip Interface, Valentines Day

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Freaky Friday: UFO/USO's What are They? Extraterrestrial or Government? Joining us: Dan Willis - ABC newsman and Top Secret Clearance Witness

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Freaky Friday: UFO/USO's What are They? Extraterrestrial or Government? Joining us: Dan Willis - ABC newsman and Top Secret Clearance Witness

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Robots, 3d Holograms, Self Printing Drones, Banks to adopt Bitcoin, hacker attempts to poison city

Chase Allen of the Allen report joins the Rundown Live to discuss auditing the 1st amendment, Capitol Hill Protest, DNC, Street Preachers, Ruben Israel, Antifa, Proud Boys, Bigfoot Hunting, UFO's, Space trip to mars and more! 

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Superbowl Halftime Ritual flashes Satan, Absolute Spoof? (proof)

Bizarre Superbowl halftime show shows flashes Satan during occult ritual by the Weekend. Tom Brady's openly involved in weird rituals, Is there mass censorship going on? Why is the popular video platform yanking raw footage from the Washington DC protest prior to former President Donald Trumps Impeachment trial? Is censorship Effecting Artificial Intelligence . Does data collection pose a threat to democracy?

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Former top Satanist Eric Freeman who has made clothing for Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Anton La Vey's children's wedding and others joins the Rundown Live to discuss, lockdowns, election, Marilyn Manson and his departure from the New Church of Satan.

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Host of What the Fuck is Wrong with People Podcast and former rockstar Joel Maske joins the Rundown Live to talk about WRF is wrong with people! 

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She has appeared on Russel Brands show and 4 seasons of History Channels Ancient Aliens. Popular astral projectionist, astrologist and soon to be author joins Laura Eisenhower joins the Rundown Live to discuss stars, orbits, aliens, government psyops, secret space programs and intergalactic beings. 

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Documentary film director Jason Bermas joins the rundown live to discuss trends, wallstreetbets, Spot, Loose Change, Facebook banning and more!

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*Banned Video by The Rundown Live on Youtube.  On this edition of the Rundown Live we cover the riveting interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, Wallstreet, Federal Reserve, disaster capitalism, social credit score and more!

NewWallstreetBets, Game stop, Dogecoin, electric tattoo, brain chips, change your mood, open lines

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NewWallstreetBets upsets Stock Market, AI Drones sports rigging and more! Is it possible that the NBA, NFL, MLB have the ability to legally rig their games? Listen to this edition of the Rundown live- featuring guest author, sports analyst Brian Brian Tuohy joins us to discuss the Future of sports, virtual sports, rocket league, VR, Stadium, AI, Meta Data Collection and Fantasy football, tsa, clear plastic bags, green bay packers, NoDapl, Vikings, BLM, Bucks, Milwaukee bucks, Future of ESPN - Virtual sports?s joins us today, Government waste, Police State

Will Turbitt from Fake Mich, Real News, joins Kristan T. Harris to discuss DC and current events. 

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Green Bay Packers lose playoffs, was it rigged? Merck says herd immunity better than vaccine, bible verse banned from facebook. 

Christian Documentary film maker Tim 'O Keefe joins us to talk headlines, chipped and his recent documentary Murder most foul, Hank Aaron dies mysteriously after getting his crown virus shot, Canada pissed at America, ow a New Religion Could Rise From the Ashes of QAnon, Fox and Newsmax maybe dropped from Cable TV. CALL IN LINE 1-855-472-5483



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Ed Delgado from the Caramel Conservative Podcast joins the Rundown Live to discuss the downfall of Donald Trump, Inauguration, Bernie Sanders, Military Iron Man Suit, Antifa Portland and more! CALL IN LINE 1-855-472-5483



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Chairman of the Transhumanist Party Gennady Stolyakov II joins the rundown live to discuss, futurism, news and transhumanism.

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The Rundown Live #654 Smedley Butler, Bonus Army March, History of Freemasonry

Kristan T. Harris covers current headlines, William Cooper FOIA as well as Washington DC updates and more

Kristan T. Harris covers current headlines, William Cooper FOIA as well as Washington DC updates and more

On this broadcast we discuss origin stories we have come to know and love. Starting with Adam & Eve. Top Secret CIA documents released, Books of Adam and Eve, Genesis, understanding your Bible.

Direct download: The_Rundown_Live_652_-_The_Adam__Eve_Story_Origins.mp3
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Kristan T. Harris takes calls from listeners about Washington DC and the things happening across America, Qanon fake news, Agent Provocateurs and more.

Kristan T. Harris returns from covering events in Washington DC as chaos erupted because an officer shot an unarmed woman as 3 more innocent people died as a result. Takes calls from people who attended the event!

Direct download: TRR010821KGRA_-_The_Rundown_Live_-_Back_from_DC_with_LIVE_Update.mp3
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