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The Rundown Live #198 Chad Peace (2 Party System,Elections,New Ideas)


The Rundown Live #198 Chad Peace (2 Party System,Elections,New Ideas) (2/7/14) LIVE M-F 8C/9E

On this Friday edition of The Rundown Live, Kristan and I go over the sponsors, and the site before we are joined by our guest Chad Peace who manages and develops campaigns to increase voter involvement and to reach out to otherwise ignored and disenchanted voters. He is the president of IVC Media LLC, where he manages outreach efforts that include the Independent Voter Network and is working on a concrete plan of action to take public tax dollars away from the private Democrat and Republican political clubs, and stands to really upset the status quo! We get into his case, how it will effect voting, fraud, taxes, Ron Paul,, and much more. This one is worth checking out! Make sure you like, recommend and subscribe! Links below!

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