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On this edition of the Rundown Live we Celebrate the life of frequent guest and democrat whistleblower, Rosa Koire as we dive into her book behind the green mask, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and headlines: CALL IN LINE at KGRA 855-472-5483 85-KGRA-LIVE Aftermath.FM Rokfin Youtube Donate $therundownlive BITCOIN: bc1qs9e80h952xe7y9fxkape4nj0m2aqlzdkvlet7m ETHEREUM: 0x64FCC428aeAc8f9De13E4f8d137D3cE0326B947A LITECOIN: ltc1qtxm4gcvj5pwzjguskd0tltv096zhcqwdncwuzg DOGE: DPFvPKJQvdmaTc9Zg3kf1FaHAVW2cDrecz