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On today's broadcast Kristan T. Harris and Don Via Jr go over Car to get Brain Chip Interfaces, Wireless Brain-Machine Interface, brain-computer interface that works with imagined handwriting, If Police Have Devices That Can Read Your Mind, How Does the Fifth Amendment Fit In?, WEARABLE ROBOTS ARE HERE, Central bank digital currency – the ultimate dystopian technology, 7 in 10 Recent COVID-19 Deaths in Sweden Fully Vaxxed, “Dehumanized”: COVID Patient in Texas Hospital Had Plastic Bag Placed Over Her Head, As drought worsens, California farmers are being paid not to grow crops, Superman Comes Out as Gay, Gas prices skyrocket as the global energy crisis worsens, Weak radio signals in depths of space could indicate existence of aliens. Official Website Http:// SPONSOR My Patriot Supply: CALL IN LINE at KGRA 855-472-5483 85-KGRA-LIVE Listen Live