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Why Are 10-Year-Olds Killing Themselves?,Globalists Are Openly Admitting To Their Population Control Agenda, Mainland Chinese Soldiers Take to Hong Kong Streets for First Time During Protests,Colorado Cops Find 26 Toddlers Locked Behind “False Wall” in Basement of Daycare, Berkeley Instructor: "Rural Americans" Are "Bad People Who Have Made Bad Life Decisions",New AI Tool Surpasses Humans in Evading Internet Censorship in India, China, DHS Expects To Have The Biometrics Data Of 259 Million People By 2022,Global debt on track to exceed $250 TRILLION this year, About 200,000 Households Facing Blackout in Southeastern France Over Snowfall, India’s Request for Facebook Users Data Hits New High, Ranks Second Only to US, POPE FRANCIS PREPARING TO MAKE ‘ECOLOGICAL SIN’ AN OFFICIAL PART OF THE CATECHISM , Nine-year-old child genius to graduate university

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Esoteric expert Bruce Montalvo joins the Rundown Live broadcaster Kristan T. Harris in s deep conversation about esoteric symbolism. Words, wording, spelling, symbolism,meaning of holidays, logos and meaning behind them.

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Kristan T. Harris and guest host Scott Lopez discus transhumanism with United States Transhumanist Party's Presidential Nominee, Ben Zion and USTP's official Radio Broadcaster Steele Archer. 

Topics, Sex Robots, Artificial Intelligence, United States Transhumanst Party, Artificial Retina, Chinese Video game Curfew, Virtual Reality, Robots in the Home, UFO's and Meta Data. 

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TOPICS: Inmate Who Briefly Died Files Appeal Claiming He’s Served His Life Sentence, Woolworths announces tiny, cashless 'MetroGo' Sydney store,House Republicans add Hunter Biden, whistleblower to impeachment hearing witness wish list, Video game addiction: China imposes gaming curfew for minors, Conestoga Huts for the homeless a solution for the Northwest?, Meet the scientist who thinks we all exist in multiple universes, Creepy Chinese facial recognition system puts your name and photo on a billboard if you jaywalk, Hey, Alexa: Can a robot with AI or your voice assistant help you feel less lonely?, Once a Year at 11:11 am the Sun Shines Perfectly on this Memorial, Yale scientists restore cellular function in 32 dead pig brains.

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The Rundown Live broadcaster Kristan T. Harris joins the official Transhumanist Party radio syndication to discuss ethics with Transhumanist Presidential candidate Johannan Ben Zion and Radio show extroadinaire Steele Archer.

Topics Include: UN Agenda 21, Artificial Intelligence, Driver-less Cars, Addiction, Fake News, Sex Robots, Project Pegasus, Project Blue Beam, William Cooper, Alex Jones and more!

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On today's broadcast: Longtime American Free Press Bilderberg reporter Mark Anderson, a 35-year veteran of both conventional and alternative news reporting and commentary.AI DEEMED ‘TOO DANGEROUS TO RELEASE’ MAKES IT OUT INTO THE WORLD, Surgeon implants electrodes in patient's brain in attempt to cure severe opioid use disorder, Anger over Las Vegas ban on sleeping in streets, Top-secret government center admits interference with Fauquier garage door openers and more! TOPICS-Satanist 'children's ministry' announces plans to teach the 'tenets of Satanism' to students at Tennessee public schools, * Visit our secondary Youtube for More material and subscribe:

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Headlines: Instagram influencer, 22, claims learning about WWII would hit millennials' mental health, Theatres will BAN the phrase 'ladies and gentlemen' under new guildelines from actors' union Equity, “We’re Firing Trillion Watt Lasers into the Sky”: Top Scientist Admits to Weather Modification on CBS, An artificial retina that could help restore sight to the blind, Midshipmen Establish Study Group for Satanic Temple Beliefs at US Naval Academy, Microsoft tested a 4-day work week. Productivity jumped 40%, All children to receive whole genome sequencing at birth, under ambitions laid out by Matt Hancock,“THERE’S A REAL CONCERN FOR THIS GUY’S SAFETY”: NEWS OUTLETS GRAPPLE WITH UNMASKING THE WHISTLE-BLOWER,Former Twitter employees charged with spying for Saudi Arabia by digging into accounts of kingdom critics,If You Want a Robot to Learn Better, Be a Jerk to It, Uber self-driving car involved in fatal crash couldn't detect jaywalkers,Your DNA Profile is Private? A Florida Judge Just Said Otherwise

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