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NewWallstreetBets upsets Stock Market, AI Drones sports rigging and more! Is it possible that the NBA, NFL, MLB have the ability to legally rig their games? Listen to this edition of the Rundown live- featuring guest author, sports analyst Brian Brian Tuohy joins us to discuss the Future of sports, virtual sports, rocket league, VR, Stadium, AI, Meta Data Collection and Fantasy football, tsa, clear plastic bags, green bay packers, NoDapl, Vikings, BLM, Bucks, Milwaukee bucks, Future of ESPN - Virtual sports?s joins us today, Government waste, Police State

Will Turbitt from Fake Mich, Real News, joins Kristan T. Harris to discuss DC and current events. 

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Green Bay Packers lose playoffs, was it rigged? Merck says herd immunity better than vaccine, bible verse banned from facebook. 

Christian Documentary film maker Tim 'O Keefe joins us to talk headlines, chipped and his recent documentary Murder most foul, Hank Aaron dies mysteriously after getting his crown virus shot, Canada pissed at America, ow a New Religion Could Rise From the Ashes of QAnon, Fox and Newsmax maybe dropped from Cable TV. CALL IN LINE 1-855-472-5483



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Ed Delgado from the Caramel Conservative Podcast joins the Rundown Live to discuss the downfall of Donald Trump, Inauguration, Bernie Sanders, Military Iron Man Suit, Antifa Portland and more! CALL IN LINE 1-855-472-5483



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Chairman of the Transhumanist Party Gennady Stolyakov II joins the rundown live to discuss, futurism, news and transhumanism.

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The Rundown Live #654 Smedley Butler, Bonus Army March, History of Freemasonry

Kristan T. Harris covers current headlines, William Cooper FOIA as well as Washington DC updates and more

Kristan T. Harris covers current headlines, William Cooper FOIA as well as Washington DC updates and more

On this broadcast we discuss origin stories we have come to know and love. Starting with Adam & Eve. Top Secret CIA documents released, Books of Adam and Eve, Genesis, understanding your Bible.

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Kristan T. Harris takes calls from listeners about Washington DC and the things happening across America, Qanon fake news, Agent Provocateurs and more.

Kristan T. Harris returns from covering events in Washington DC as chaos erupted because an officer shot an unarmed woman as 3 more innocent people died as a result. Takes calls from people who attended the event!

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