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What is smart dust, and what can it do? First Gene-Edited Meat Will Come From Disease-Proof CRISPR Pigs, Freddie Mercury Hologram to Perform Concert, Balloon Terror over America, what was the cellphone outage? Kid Rock talk Bohemian Grove, Freedom of speech online hits trial, Measles outbreak warning, North Carolina County Bans Fluoride, The Y chromosome is vanishing. What will happen to men? Can Humans Endure the Psychological Torment of Mars? and more!

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Is the 1st amendment dead? Military receives augmented reality helmet upgrade, Lab-Grown Testicles are here, Trump Jr suggests Epstein's clients are behind Trump attacks, Artificial Telekinesis, Bionic Eyes are on their way, UN accused of antisemitism, Scientists Hope to Fight Climate Change by Dumping Chemicals in the Ocean, First Human Neuralink Brain Chip Recipient Controls Computer Mouse By Thinking, Musk Claims ad more!

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Elisa E joins the Rundown Live to discuss being a survivor of the governments MK Ultra mind control program. "Elisa rightfully depicts the "programmed twilight zone" that survivors and professionals alike run into, ready or not, in programmed and satanic ritual abuse (SRA) victims. After several years of deep research into MKUltra and the government agencies and "secret space program" corporations dedicated to exploiting those subjected to MKUltra, I was fortunate to witness Elisa's unusual deep commitment to the solitary work of deprogramming, a lifelong process of rejoining the world by unearthing from alters the buried secrets and memories that avail the soul of once again being whole."

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