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The evidence is overwhelming that at one time in majority, science and the average man believed that there were races of giants spread across the world. What changed, what evidence is there of these races? Saddle up as we dive into hundreds of newspaper articles linking credible universities, the Smithsonian, professors and more to GIANT HUMAN SKELETON discoveries. So what happened? Why does science and the mainstream  consensus deny their existence with over 1,000 collected news reports from 1840-1941?


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Independent news giant Free Thought Project contributor Matt Agorist joins us today.  Jan 6th protest compared to Holocaust and other acts of white supremacy by UW-Milwaukee curriculum,Fear is a liar and more!

Richard Gage is at the top of his field and acquired over 2,500 top architects and engineers for his former organization who questioned the official narrative of what happened on September 11th, 2001. Family members who lost loved ones in the World Trade Center that day did not get answers and started the 911 truth movement. The Pentagon airplane evaporated including titanium engines while hitting the exact location an important investigation was going on over a missing 2.3 trillion dollars, building number 7 was reported destroyed while still showing in the background of the BBC 20 minutes prior to its implosion, NIST experts did not check for explosives from within the building and the pentagon was running war games for the exact scenario that was taking place in New York on 911. Lets not forget the hedge fund wagers against the airlines involved the night before that made someone millions of dollars and so much more. Listen and understand why people question the government’s official narrative.


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