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The Rundown Live welcomes award winning author Linda Zimmerman and New York's former top FBI agent Chris DePerno to discuss congresses UFO hearing live.

Award-winning author and researcher Linda Zimmermann continues to explore the #1 hotspot for UFO activity, the Hudson Valley, from Albany to New York City and northern New Jersey, from 1909 to the present. Special features include Mysterious Airships, decades of Project Blue Book cases, Abduction Alley, and numerous eyewitness accounts of craft shaped like triangles, disks, cylinders, and rectangles.

Detective Christopher DePerno started his law enforcement career with the Tompkins County Sheriff, working the criminal road patrol. While there, he became involved in a violent burglary, in which two brothers were attempting to burglarize a drugstore, and gunshots were fired. Both brothers were captured.

Detective DePerno was awarded the Medal of Valor for going hand to hand with one of the brothers.

Detective DePerno then joined the Ithaca Police Department. He was part of the uniformed Patrol Division and a New York State Department of Criminal Justice Service certified Police Instructor/Trainer. While there, he was sent to the FBI Academy to become a Defensive Tactics and Use of Force specialist.

After graduation from the FBI Academy, Mr. DePerno taught at the Broome County Police Academy, where he gave classes on Basic Criminal Investigation and trained Police Officers on Defensive Tactics and the Use of Force.

During his time at the Ithaca Police Department, he was awarded the Kiwanis Officer of the Year for work in drug interdiction. Mr. DePerno was then recruited by the Syracuse Police Department, where he became a Detective. He was first assigned to the Abused Persons Unit, the Rape Task Force, where he investigated high-profile adult rapes and child sexual assault cases. He was then transferred to the Criminal Investigation Division. He became a case detective working and solving major crimes, investigating homicides, shootings, stabbings, armed robberies, bank robberies, and white-collar crimes.